Backgammon for money
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"Backgammon is a game of skill and luck, when I win it is pure skill and when I loss it is pure luck..."

Skilled games. Is backgammon a game of luck or skill?

Backgammon can be considered a game of mere luck, because one rolls dice. Yet, most specialists will indicate without a doubt that once you rolled the dice, there are at least 30 possibilities! The whole essence of the game is to decide where to move one's checkers after throwing the dice. Luck does not play an essential role.

Would backgammon be only about luck, then we would expect gamers to win only about half of the games. By now you probably know that skilled players always win when playing against beginning players. Backgammon has so much more to offer than merely throwing the dice and thoughtlessly moving one's checkers on the board.

Many enthusiastic followers wondered what would be the next poker when online games arrived to the net. What game could possibly resemble the skill gambling game which arouses so much popularity around the world as poker? Considering that many skills and challenges which make poker so attractive are common to backgammon as well, the answer is obviously online backgammon. Thus, it is no wonder that online backgammon for money games are accessible. Backgammon for money can be played like poker - simply, unsophisticatedly by tossing the dice and moving the checkers on the board. Yet there are several layers of skill which reveal that backgammon for money can also be a deeper, complicated game.

Because both players share a similar goal in backgammon, and attempt to prevent their checkers from getting to the bar, it seems that aside from rolling the dice, the game demands skill. The whole idea of backgammon is about carefulness vs. aggressiveness and jeopardy vs. reward. Luck is also significant in the game, since as skilled as your opponent may be, there is always an option to win him simply from a chance occurrence in rolling the dice.

In the end, analyzing wisely your rival's capability and strategy as well as the backgammon board rather than counting on luck, you likely will have better chances to win.
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