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BackgammonMasters is a website devoted to backgammon games, either for fun or for money. The game software offers an option of an avatar character to represent the players, which is amusing. The players can see both the board and the avatar character of their opponents.

Rake is not calculated according to percentage but is constant, depending on the stakes, total winning and whether it is a single game or a match. In a single game, for the minimal stake, 5$, and the minimal total win, also 5$, the rake is 0.23$. For the maximum stake, 40$, and the maximum total win, 200$, the rake is 5.80$. For match games the rake increases according to the stake, the number of games played, and the total win. The minimum rake for match games is 0.42$, while the maximum is 5.10$.

There are two kinds of account options in BackgammonMasters: RMA, an account opened with initial deposit made by player and allows easy cash out; and RMBA, an account opened with free bonus deposit of 25$ given by BackgammonMasters, in which users may withdraw twice the amount of what they deposit.. In order to be able to change the statues of an account from RMBA to RMA a player has to deposit as much money as is cashed out from the account. In this way the company can secure itself and still offer a generous signup bonus.

"Tell a friend" bonus is also offered in this website. For each friend who opens an account and deposits 20$ within 45 days, the friend receives 10$ bonus and the inviting player receives a 20$ bonus. There is a limit of 100 invitations for each player.

A regular promotion offered by BackgammonMasters for players who win tournaments can reach the maximum of $500 in prizes, although there are occasional higher promotions. For example, a marathon event that is taking place this month in Monte Carlo yacht party offers as much as 101,00$.

There is an option for several languages for this website, including Hebrew.  

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